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Low Key Music Entertainment Publishing
Is on a mission to build a community of musicians one note at a time.  By establishing networks of musicians, singers, instructors, producers, and other professionals currently in the industry, we not only give clients the tools and resources needed to start a musical career, we align them with the people who can help sustain growth!
Partnered up with a few great bands in the greater Tucson and Phoenix AZ area! Working on a few huge CD projects, slated for a release this year.
We started a "Rewards Program" for the family! Now earn points and save more on items inside the store. If you haven't seen the store recently, check it out here!You can also check out the in store blog! This blog has grown pretty quickly, and we believe you'll love it too. You can see the blog inside the store, or on the home site here!
LKME has made shopping online very easy! If you're tired of typing in pages of information, we've got the solution for you. Stop by the store, and don't forget to bookmark this site!
LKME Publishing offers many services to help build a career in music.  Some of the services include: vocal coaching, music lessons, artist development, studio production, and so much more.
Have a dream but don't know where to start?
As musicians and singers in the industry today, we would like to give you some resources that could help you start off with a strong foundation.  That's right!  No cost, they're free!  These resources include: articles, videos, interviews, and other sources that can help you on your path to become a musician. 
What Do I Do Next?
We recommend checking out the free resources.  After all, they're free!  These valuable tools will boost your career and build confidence.  Feel free to contact us with your comments or concerns.  Let's turn your musical dream into a tangible reality!  Need an instrument to practice on? Check out our new store! We also will have a unique walk through process to help you find your perfect instrument if you're unsure.

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